Grey Goose La Poire 70cl

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Grey Goose is a luxury, French vodka. At the heart of each flavour is the exceptional taste of Grey Goose vodka. The spirit's softness and smoothness is the ideal platform for savouring the subtleties of the fresh fruit aromas and flavours. Each flavoured vodka created by Grey Goose has one true aim: to be the best tasting flavoured vodka of its kind in the world. As a result, Grey Goose vodka hand picks only the most authentic, sumptuous fruit ingredients thereby ensuring that the exceptional character of this premium, pre-eminent vodka can be enjoyed throughout each and every sip. Grey Goose La Poire takes its lead from the history and nobility of the Anjou pear. For centuries Anjou pears have been the preserve of kings and prized today by chefs and gourmets alike for their creamy texture and tart clarity. These regal pears bring an unmistakeable note to the taste and aroma of Grey Goose La Poire vodka, deepening it with hints of nuttiness and floral tones of honeysuckle and wildflower. Nose: Sensual Anjou pears create a fresh fruit scent that is vibrant and intoxicating. The distinctive fruit essence carries with it a hint of nuttiness that opens up to reveal more aromatic notes such as honeysuckle and wildflower. Taste: Crisp, round and light with the gentle sweetness of fresh Anjou Pears. Chilled, the texture becomes richer giving it a velvety feel. The flavour is long and round, with the slightest hint of bitter almond hidden in the lingering finish.


40% vol