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Alize Gold Passion 70cl

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Alizé Gold Passion Liqueur 70cl is the original passion fruit liqueur. A versatile, fruity and refreshing taste, it's perfect to enjoy on its own or as an essential ingredient to countless tasty cocktails. Alizé Gold Passion delicately blends the intensely flavoured and aromatic juices of the exotic passion fruit with premium French vodka. The result is a liqueur that is exceptionally smooth and delectably sweet with vivid passion fruit flavour. Alizé Gold Passion’s distinct and delicious flavours can be savoured on the rocks or in unique, colourful cocktails - such as the Golden Margarita and the sweet Kilauea Daiquiri. Alizé offers a vibrant selection of award winning flavoured liqueurs for an endless array of colourful, spirit-infused cocktails for all year round. Our master blenders travel the world for exotic and all-natural fruit ingredients to infuse our premium drinks. Each flavour offers a refreshingly unique experience in every bottle. Explore our distinctive flavours and discover the possibilities for all occasions.


16% vol