About Us

Opened in 1878 by Mrs Susan Pasley, the store was the first newsagents shop in Penarth. It was owned and operated by the family until 1946 when the store was purchased by Mr Jones who operated it successfully until it was once again sold to Mr Evans. Along the way, the store changed its name to the ‘Fourways News’ as we know it today.


Since 1997, it has been under the ownership of Mr John Gough, who can often be seen driving around Penarth in the early morning delivering Newspapers.


Susan Pasley's daughter Emily standing in the doorway of the store in 1901 


The store has undergone many changes over the years. The most noticeable change was in 1940 after it, sustained significant bomb damage due to an air raid during the Second World War. More recently, the store has undergone a major refurbishment which has seen the business evolve to provide a stronger convenience offering whilst still providing all the same services.


Trading for over 140 years continuously, the store has developed a close connection with the local community. We still love hearing customers reminisce about buying their sweets for pounds, shillings and pence all those years ago.


Over the course of these many years, we have continued to operate a large newspaper delivery service in the local area and we can proudly say that we are the largest in the Penarth area and among the largest in South Wales.


During our morning deliveries, we deliver over 700 newspapers to over 500 addresses in just 2 hours. We do all this with a success rate of 99.94%.